Using TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multiplatform, multichain wallet. In this guide, you'll learn how to use TokenPocket's mobile app to use Nucleon. Alternatively, you can use TokenPocket's desktop application or web extension.

Using on Nucleon with TokenPocket consists of 3 steps:

  1. Installing and configuring TokenPocket.

  2. Connecting TokenPocket to Nucleon.

This guide covers both steps.

Using Token Pocket with Nucleon

Installation and Setup

  1. Download and install TokenPocket from your app store or their official website.

  2. Once you install TokenPocket, open the app.

  3. In the first screen, set up your wallet. In this case we'll set up a new wallet. Tap on No accounts.

  4. In the Blockchain Networking step, tap on Conflux eSpace.

  5. In the Add Wallet step, tap on Create Wallet.

  6. Set a wallet name, enter a password for your wallet and confirm the password. Then check the User Agreement and tap on Create Wallet.

  7. Read the security information listed and tap on I get it.

  8. In Backup Recovery Phrase, check all the security tips and tap on I get it.

Your TokenPocket wallet has now been set up! Now, let's connect to Nucleon.

Connecting Token Pocket to Nucleon

  1. Go to Nucleon.

  2. Tap on Connect Wallet and in the Connect a wallet dialog, tap on TokenPocket.

  3. Confirm the connection to Nucleon.

Your wallet is now connected!

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