7️⃣Using Your Ledger Hardware Wallet with Nucleon

Support for Conflux eSpace in Ledger devices is currently under review.

You can also use your Ledger hardware wallet to trade on Nucleon, even before the official Conflux eSpace app on Ledger is released. To accomplish this, we'll need to enable blind signing in the Ethereum app of your Ledger device.


  • Connect your Ledger wallet to MetaMask or Wallet Connect. See Using Ledger with MetaMask on Conflux eSpace to learn how. For the purposes of this guide, we'll use MetaMask.

  • Enable Blind "smart contract data" or "blind signing" on your Ledger device. To learn more about bling signing, refer to this article on Ledger's Academy portal.

Enabling Blind Signing on your Ledger Device

  1. Go to the Ethereum app in your Ledger device.

  2. In the Ethereum app, go to Settings.

  3. Enable the blind signing option.

You have just enabled blind signing in your Ledger device!

Using Nucleon with Your Ledger Hardware Wallet and MetaMask

To use Nucleon with your Ledger wallet:

  1. Go to Nucleon.

  2. Connect your imported account from Ledger to Nucleon.

    • Select the account from your Ledger device and click Next.

    • Confirm the connection to MetaMask by clicking Connect.

  3. Go to Nucleon, make a transaction.

  1. In the MetaMask notification, review the transaction details and click Confirm.

  2. Now, plug-in your Ledger device to your computer.

  3. Unlock your device and open the Ethereum app.

  4. Review the transaction details and confirm the transaction by pressing the two buttons in Accept and Send.

You have just used Nucleon from your Ledger account!

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