Add xCFX/NUT Liquidity

  1. Click on Pools.

  1. Select the corresponding pool that you want and click on Add Liquidity. In this case, xCFX/NUT.

  1. You have been redirected to Swappi, and now click on Add Liquidity.

  1. Click on Select a token.

  1. Select the tokens NUT and XCFX

Note: If you cannot find NUT or XCFX on the token list, simply paste its contract address.

NUT Contract Address: 0xFE197E7968807B311D476915DB585831B43A7E3b

XCFX Contract Address: 0x889138644274a7Dc602f25A7e7D53fF40E6d0091

  1. Enter the amount of asset that you would like to supply and click on Supply.

  1. Check transaction details and click Confirm Supply.

  1. Click on Confirm in the MetaMask pop-out confirmation window.

  1. You have successfully added liquidity to the liquidity pool, please refresh the Nucleon page to show the updated balance of LP tokens.

You can check whether you have successfully received the CFX/NUT - Swappi LP tokens by adding the LP to your wallet.

CFX/NUT Contract Address: 0x2899e1bec55e7dda574e80e8ef55f17b79df2f1d

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