Buying NUT

  1. Go to Swappi.

  2. Select the token that you wish to trade-in

  3. In the To box, select NUT token.

Note: If you cannot find NUT on the token list, simply paste its contract address.

NUT contract address: 0xFE197E7968807B311D476915DB585831B43A7E3b

  1. In the From field, enter the amount that you wish to trade.

  2. Confirm the amount of tokens that you'll receive in the To field and the price impact.

  3. Once you review the details and are ready to swap, click Swap.

  4. In the Confirm Swap dialog, review the transaction details and click Confirm Swap.

  5. In MetaMask, confirm the transaction details and click Confirm. Note: This transaction might take a few seconds.

  6. Optional: Add the token you just traded to MetaMask.

  7. Optional: Review the transaction details on Confluxscan.

In the transaction confirmation dialog, you can click View on Conflux Scan to see the transaction details on Conflux Scan. You can also add the NUT token that you traded for directly to MetaMask.

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