Claim CFX

After unstaking xCFX, Nucleon obtains the corresponding CFX from its PoS pool for the user. The unstaking of CFX from any given PoS pool depends on the staking design of Conflux Network. The PoS design of Conflux Network requires a lock-up time period for staking and unstaking of CFX into any given pool and cannot be bypassed, read more here. For this reason, Nucleon has implemented a 14-day unlock period until the user can claim their unlocked CFX.

Once a user has successfully unstaked, the user can view their unstaking transactions and their process at the buttom of the unStaking page:

The image above shows the amount of xCFX being unstaked, the unlock value of CFX according to the CFX to xCFX ratio at the time of unstake, the estimated unlock date when the user can obtain the CFX, and the status of the Unstaking.

In addition, on the top right of the unStaking page, users can see how many CFX are currently in its unstaking period of the Conflux PoS mechanism, and how many are already unlocked and available to claim. See the figure below:

Once the CFX are unlocked and available to claim as show in the overview field, you can received your CFX in the following order:

  1. Confirm that there are CFX unlocked and available to claim in the connected wallet.

  1. Click on Claim.

  1. Confirm transaction details and click Confirm.

  1. You have successfully claimed your CFX from the Conflux PoS pool and this can now be viewed on your updated CFX balance and in your wallet.

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