Using Fluent

Fluent Wallet is a simple and secure multichain wallet built for Web3. Fluent supports connections to Conflux Core Space, Conflux eSpace, and Ethereum. Fluent also supports a native cross-space bridge that allows you to bridge your assets between Conflux Core Space and Conflux eSpace.

Enabling Fluent as your priority wallet

If you don't have MetaMask installed, you can skip this step.

If you have MetaMask installed, you'll need to give priority to Fluent over MetaMask in order to use Nucleon. To enable Fluent as your priority wallet:

  1. Open your Fluent Wallet.

  2. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings.

  3. In Advanced Settings, toggle Priority Connection to give Fluent priority over your Metamask wallet when interacting with a dapp.

Now let's connect your Fluent wallet to Nucleon.

Connecting Fluent to Nucleon

To connect your Fluent wallet to Nucleon:

  1. Go to Nucleon.

  2. Click Connect Wallet.

  3. In the Connect a Wallet dialog, select Fluent.

  4. In Fluent, select Conflux eSpace as the network and the account(s) that you wish to connect, then click Next.

  5. Finally, in the Permission Request dialog click Connect to finish connecting your Fluent wallet to Nucleon.

Your Fluent wallet is now connected to Swappi! Now, let's go ahead and fund your wallet.

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