Voting on Proposals

To be able to vote on Nucleon’s governance platform, you will need to lock NUT for a period of time. Your voting power will be proportional to the amount of NUT locked and the lock duration.

To vote on proposals, you can follow the next steps:

Step 1: Review the available proposals in the governance platform and select the one you wish to vote on.

Step 2: Once the proposal is selected, choose the option you want to support. Then, select the "Vote" button.

Step 3: Review the transaction contract and make sure everything is correct. Then, select the "Confirm" button to approve the transaction.

Step 4: Once the transaction is confirmed, you can review the transaction details to ensure that your vote has been registered correctly.

That's it! You have now voted on the selected proposal. Remember, your vote can help decide the final outcome of the proposal.

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