Governance is run by a community of stakeholders incentivized to participate in the organization’s operations by a shared goal, and use NUT as governance token by an additional cryptoeconomic mechanism.
Nucleon Governance Process

Governance Process

Below is the governance process for the Nucleon DAO.
  • All ideas and proposals are originally published on reddit for community feedback.
  • Improvements and objections are noted and incorporated.
  • Timeframe: At least 7 days

Step 2: Pre-Poll (Reddit)

  • The Proposal will incorporate feedback from Step 1 and put it to a preliminary vote on Reddit.
  • The Nucleon Team can directly introduce a proposal for a preliminary vote.
  • Timeframe: At least 7 days
  • Voting power is proportional to veNUT.
  • Timeline: At least 7 days, and voting doesn’t end on weekends
  • For Support: A proposal must receive more than 50% of YES votes to pass. This also applies to multiple choice options in a proposal.
  • Quorum: At first there is no requirement.

Step 4: Enactment

  • Nucleon team manually implements proposals that have received support. No automation.