Proposal Outline

Types of Proposals

The Nucleon DAO is now accepting community proposals to their forum. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of proposal that are being accepted:

  • Governance Updates: Proposal that modifies the current governance process.

  • Use of Treasury: Proposal to transfer tokens outside of the DAO's treasury

  • Technical Changes: Proposal to perform a parameter change in one of the contracts controlled by the DAO.

Proposal Outline

Below is the outline for community proposals. To submit your proposal, please fill out completely the outline below and submit to the Nucleon forum (

  1. Title:

    • Provide a short and succinct title for your proposal.

  2. Proposal Type:

    • Specify the type of proposal you are submitting.

  3. Summary:

    • Describe what your proposal is about.

  4. Contact Information

    • Please provide your contact information and any project(s) you are representing with your proposal.

  5. About:

    • Please provide a description of your project(s), with links to socials and website, if applicable.

  6. Abstract:

    • Provide a short description of the proposed change.

  7. Motivation

    • Explain why you think your proposal is beneficial to Nucleon.

  8. Specification

    • Provide any relevant technical AND/OR financial details, if applicable

  9. For

    • What are some reasons why this proposal should be voted for.

  10. Against

    • What are some reasons why this proposal should be voted against.

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