Bridging Assets from Ethereum with cBridge

cBridge is a cross-chain bridge that supports multiple networks. With cBridge, you can bridge tokens such as USDT, wrapped ETH, and wrapped BTC from Ethereum to Conflux eSpace, or from Conflux eSpace to Ethereum.

In this guide, we'll bridge USDT from Ethereum to Conflux eSpace through cBridge.


  • At least 21 USDT in the Ethereum network.

  • ETH to pay for gas transactions.

  • Your MetaMask wallet connected to Conflux eSpace.

Bridging USDT from Ethereum to Conflux eSpace with cBridge

  1. Go to cBridge.

Your funds are now being bridged to your account in Conflux eSpace. It may take a few minutes for the funds to be reflected in your account.

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